Friday, August 7, 2009

first pictures of my spinning

so like i said. i took part in the Tour de Fleece. I loved all the spinning i did. I carded alot of my blue and purple BL/Finn x EL/Corr x BL/Corr. It's lovely. Have made probably 6 or 7 skeins of this.

Here is an example of the spun yarn.

From Tour de Fleece 09

that was my major spinning project. I still havent gotten thorough it all. Once i have a minute i will be knitting it into a simple sweater. Its from Ravelry and its called Elli. I will post photos when i start.

Try again

I have been very bad and have not updated this in months. but seeing as i am trying to take part in many swaps on Ravelry (another thing to feed my addiction) i thought i should give people a bit more info for better stalking.

I have been doing heaps of spinning in the last couple of months. i took part in the Tout De Fleece which was great. it forced me to do something every day. I have slackened off since the end of that. bit i have still spun a few times.

anyway. Back to work.

More detailed updates to come.