Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good deeds

I like the feeling I get when I do something nice for someone. At least I hope they like it. I found a seller on Etsy that I thought had great products at great prices. Spacefrog.etsy.com has some great scarves, socks, roving and more at really good prices, and they are from Australia so shipping is good for me too. I found her when I did a search for Australian sellers in the knitting catagory because I was looking for a shawl for someone. I didn't find one but I found this shop. I haven't bought anything from her yet because I haven't earn't enough etsy dollars to start spending but I sent her a convo to tell her how much I loved her shop.

She hasn't had many sales yet and she doesn't have time to promote herself and so I thought I would nominate her for a sneak attack. I love sneak attacks they are a fabulous idea and you can find out all about it at http://www.handmademovement.com/. Basically they choose a shop with very few sales and publish a link to that shop at a certain time and everyone who knows about these sneak attacks will go and check out the shop and buy something if they like anything in there. It is just a great way to get people to stores that they might not get to see. I really love sneak attacks and have participated in a couple of them myself. There is always an etsy forum thread about the current attacks so go and check out the handmade movement blog.

Anyway, I emailed Micheal at http://www.handmademovement.com/ and asked him to consider the Spacefrog shop for a sneak attack. Unfortunately because she dosent have many items under $10 the shop might not do as well on a sneak attack. But her prices are great. I recommend you checking it out. So instead of a sneak attack he wrote a blog post about the shop. hopefully people still go and check out the shop.

My only fear is that by the time I have earned a few more etsy dollars so I can go and buy something there myself it will all be gone.

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  1. Yes love her socks...unique..i wouldn't want to knit them for that price!