Monday, March 2, 2009

new things

So I know that I am trying to not start too many new things before I finish my old things. But I have just finished my waving chevron scarf, I have even blocked it. I started a lace scarf for my mother using the Dragons Song bamboo yarn making the branching out scarf. But its a bit hard to do on the bus because I am having to read a chart for the first time. And I have been doing a lot of work on my love blanket. But Its Connell's grandmothers birthday on the weekend. She is lovely and gets me birthday and xmas presents so I thought I would get her a shawl. But there were none in Australia on Etsy that I like for the Nana so I decided I would make a simple one myself. Its coming along nicely and quickly. I only started it yesterday and I am halfway done. It is a simple stockinette stitch shawl with a knit front and back at each end and a yarn over either side of the centre stitch. So it is expanding pretty rapidly. I am a bit worried that it wont be flowy enough. But if it isnt then I can always knit another one in time using bigger needles.

Oh and I wen on a 4 hour bush walk yesterday. It was fun.

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