Saturday, February 21, 2009

sad things

Sorry I haven't been posting. This week I found out something sad and I haven't been in the mood to post about it. One of my very best friends is sick. But I won't write about it because I am not sure she wants the whole world to know, not that the whole world reads this. But anyway. It has made me a bit sad this week.

I have been working on both my love blanket and my scarf this week. They are both coming along nicely. The blanket is big enough for one and a bit and I have almost finished the whole ball of my yarn for the scarf and the length looks good. I got lots of mail from etsy this week. Included in that mail was my two drop spindles and roving. I really want to try some spinning but I told Connell to put it up somewhere high so that I cant get to it. I want to finish these projects first. I have other yarn to knit too. I think I want to knit something for my mum before I start to spin too. So I am at least going to leave it until I have my week off in a months time. Lets see if I can do it.

I am still exercising a bit and drinking lots of water which is good. But the food I have eaten this week hasn't been so good. I haven't weighed myself on wii fit for a couple of days because the last times I did my weight was going up not down.

My cat might be sick. there was blood in her pooh last night. I called the vet down the road this morning but they were all booked up. I just got a call though, they had a cancellation. So I will take Mushroom up to get checked out now.

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  1. Sorry to read about your friend. Positive vibes you way!

    Well done on the exercise, I am on a bit of a thing too. The initial weight gain is usually a good sign that fat is turning into muscle which is awesome as muscle burns fat a lot quicker!

    Stop looking at your cat's pooh! :p