Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sorry for being AWOL

I haven't blogged for a while. The weekend wasn't necessarily busy but i was busy watching Project Runway season 1 on YouTube and knitting. I have done a fair bit more on my scarf and then I have picked up my love blanket to do more of that.

Also this weekend I went shopping! i bought a Fridge and TiVo. so i spent a Lot of money. And on Sunday Connell and I went to his parents house for a belated birthday lunch and I was spoiled. I got presents from his parents, his brothers and sister and their partners and his Nana gave me a present too.

Then we went to my parents house (after buying the fridge and TiVo) and watched the news... There is a disaster going on down in Australia at the moment. I would hope that everyone in the western world has heard how horrific this is. Please if you can donate to the Red Cross. Australians have really dug deep and I know that we have donated at lease $12million. That is fantastic. there are so many dead. and so many more homeless and injured. We have lost 181 people so far, but they believe that the number will raise higher than 200 people. The pictures and videos and storied are just heartbreaking.

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