Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thank you

Thank you very much for all your support. I think that talking about what I am doing to as many people as possible will hopefully help me to keep on track. I went to hydrotherapy last night which was half an our long of movement and exercise, then I spent another half hour in the pool doing laps. I can swim, but I'm not fit. So when I would get tired from doing one type of stroke i would change to another. So I was constantly moving for the next half an hour too.

This morning I got a delivery. I love getting deliveries. It was my drop spindles and roving. I got a top and a bottom whorl. I bought them before I had read any of my books on the subject and these don't have notches in them. They come with instructions though so i hope i can figure out how to use it. I bought just some white roving to start with and some pretty coloured roving as well. I really shouldn't start until i have finished either my scarf (which I haven't touched for about a week) or my love blanket (which is growing everyday).

I'll have to get some photos for you guys tonight.

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