Monday, January 19, 2009

The aquisition of furniture contunues

My cosin offered me a bookshelf and a desk almost a year ago. Today my dad, boyfriend and I finally went to pick them up. I dont think this household can never have too many book shelves. we all have a large collection of books and DVDs and games.

I also recieved a book from amazon. Its called 100 Applique Motifs.I saw it in a blog that I am reading. I wish I knew which one though. It is a beautiful book filled with lots of cute things to make. I have never done applique before but this book makes it look simple.

Why can't i stay home from work and jut create things all day. Maybe one day i can quit my job and just create things like many of the lucky people I see on the internet. My goal is for my boyfriend to finish his PhD in chemical engineering and make lots of money in a fancy yet easy job allowing me to only need to work part time if at all so that i can spend more time creating things. I can start selling on Etsy or Artfire and make lots of money on that. Then he can quit his job and concentrate on his art. I am sure that idea is compleately feesible *holds up sarcasm sign*.

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