Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Photo Time!

OK here goes.

First the beautiful yarn form TerraBellaSpun on Etsy. It was spun especially for me after I saw the roving Color my World. I loved the bright and beautiful colours and I asked Renae how I could get it spun up because I haven't started spinning YET (I have 3 books coming for Amazon on this subject, damn Lime and Violet). Straight away she let me know that she would spin it up for me and just charge me for the yarn. It was done in a flash and I was very excited with the photos that she sent me. I even put it on my screen saver at work. Then a week or so later it arrived. It was a very nice surprise and it was beautiful. I gushed to Renae about how much I loved it. I haven't figured out what to do with it yet. What do you think? a couple of
suggestions have been a hat or use it as a decorative inlay in a shawl, a workmate suggested making it into some art i can hang on my wall. What do you guys think?

Next is my weekend away. It was fun. I saw the sights,

saw one of my best friends, and had a gecko in my bathroom when I got home. The gecko has a special meaning for me. It was a symbol of my trip around the world with my best friend due to many different reasons and when I get a tattoo (hopefully soon) it will be a atristic picture of a gecko. I just have to decide what I want and Connell will have to draw it for me.

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