Thursday, January 22, 2009

Starting early and finishing late

I have to build up my flexi time today by a couple of hours. I am goign to Sydney tomorrow and taking the afternoon off so I need enough flexi time to do it. I dont like to have negative flexi time. At least we are in the middle of a pay cycle so I can build it up again by the end of next week. Before xmas i had up to 12-13 hours but since then I have used all of them and havent built up a big reserve of them yet. So i have been trying to come in a bit early this week but for many different reasons i havent been able to stay late. So tonight I think I will be staying an hour or so later after clock off time.

EDIT: Ok, so I didn't stay at work as long as I wanted to today bit I have had a headache since lunchtime and I didn't have any of my Advil to take at work because I have been using a different handbag the last couple of days. So I stayed back late but only by a half an hour, not an hour like I wanted to. But I have enough flexi so I can take time off tomorrow.

But now that I am home and I have opened my parcels that came in the maile today boy am I feeling 100% happier. My first ever custom handspun yarn came today. I will link the shop and photos later after the fibre artist has said it's ok. I was soo happy to get this. I absolutely LOVE the colors. I just gushed in my feedback on Etsy to her. I also got another present for a friend and a couple of things for myself from another Etsy seller. They are all beautiful. And after my friends birthday I will post pictures of them as well.

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