Friday, January 16, 2009

First section done

So I have finished the first section of my Waving Chevron Scarf and I am just starting the next section. It is coming up really nicely. I really like the yarn I am using . In the original pattern they called for bigger yarn and using 3 solid colours but using my sock yarn I still get the striping but with patches of colours too and I really like it. I also cast on twice as many stitches as what was done with the original scarf, 52 in total. that is just because I am using skinnier yarn. I like the size of it and I really like the shape or the curves. I have never done that before. I actually really like the edge of the scarf that is made but the kfb stitch either end. It's nice and clean and I like the ridge on one side. But then I like weird little things about objects.

I am sorry about my spelling and punctuation and grammar in these posts. I am not a big fan of capitalisation but I think i will try just because it is nicer for other people to read. So forgive me if I fall back to my old ways.

I really hope that i continue this blog if only for the pictures of what I am working on. I will try to add them when i talk about a project.

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