Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Melting!

It is so hot here. We are in the midst of a above 40 degree Celsius heatwave. Tuesday it was 43.2 degrees (109.8 degrees Fahrenheit), and yesterday it reached 45.7 degrees (114.3 degrees Fahrenheit) this was the hottest day in Adelaide in 40 years. Today it has been forecast to be 42 degrees and 40 for both Saturday and Sunday. Luckily we are getting a cool change on Monday *sarcasm flag* its going to be 39 degrees on Monday, 38 on Tuesday and Wednesday and back to 40 of Thursday. I am not looking forward to all this heat. I like hot weather but this is ridiculous. It is better being in cold weather because you can always put on more clothes. And before i get any arguments, I was in Chicago a couple of years ago when it was -27 degrees Celsius (-16 Fahrenheit) and that was OK because we could stay inside and bee warm of when we went outside we just rugged up... a lot.

Anyway, enough complaining about the weather. I am still knitting my wavy scarf. iI am almost halfway into the 3rd section. I love it. Its easy but very pretty and I am not bored of it at all. But I did find a couple more knitting patterns that were on the Lime and Violet Daily Chum that I want to try. I have to re-do the folder that I have all my patterns that I want to try in there. One is full and then I have a whole heap of loos sheets of paper lying around the place. I am not very organised.

So last week I bought some spinning books off of Amazon. They haven't arrived yet but one of them is about using drop spindles. So today i bought 2 drop spindles, one top and one bottom whorl, with some roving. I am excited. I also bought some beautiful yarn. I will Show you guys when I get it. I think I will make a hat and scarf out of this new yarn.

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