Thursday, January 15, 2009

So this will be my craft blog

I am enjoying other peoples blogs these days. i discovered Google reader recently and i am now addicted. I have mostly knitting and craft blogs but a few other things as well. One of my best friends and i decided to teach ourselves to knit. we both had some basic knowledge, mine was much more basic. so she taught me the basics and everything else i have been learning off of youTube. I still want to learn a whole heap of basic things but I'm going pretty good. On the side of this blog you can see my finished object which is a lot more than i thought as well as my unfinished object. which is a lot less than i thought. i would love to have a list of the projects that i would like to make but that is going to be endless.

I have been looking for something artistic to do for years. i cant draw, paint or write. but now i can knit, crochet and sew. My friend gave me a cool quilting book for xmas. i want to get into that. my Yaya gave me her sewing machine for xmas last year and my Nana has been talking about giving me her knitting machine. If i can get some things knitted up faster i might start to make some stuff to sell too.

I love colourful hand dyed and hand spun yarn. I will be posting about my favorite artists later. hopefully i stay motivated so i can write about my projects and post photos too.

I am going to do more of my waving chevron scarf. I am using the yarn cotton candy from one fat slug. It was one of the first hand dyed yarns i bought. its sock yarn but i am not into socks yet. i tried, but i made one ugly brown sock and didn't do its pair.

I hope i keep writing

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  1. haha, I am completed addicted to my google reader as well! Welcome to crafting and I hope to see lots more of it in the future. :)