Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ikea trip

Today we went to Ikea to buy some bookshelves. I live with my boyfriend (that's him looking unimpressed, this is even before we spent hours rearanging all the furniture in the room to make it perfect) and a friend and for the past year we have been living with our TV on a coffee table and the DVD player, PS2 and PS3 and Wii and other cable needing things on the ground around it. The room always looked messy. Also our room wasn't set up the best for entertaining due to the position of everything. But we bought 2 of the Expedit 2x4 bookshelves in white so we can have one lying across the floor and one standing up. It will allow us to hopefully hide away all our cords and cable swe have some draws and boxes to go in the shelves so I can put some of my yarn and crafts in there too as well as books and dvds. then our two couches are going along the walls instead of one being out from the wall. Connell, my boyfriend has his computer desk in the lounge room we might tun that so it is sticking out from the wall so he can watch tv from there but the desk is much smaller than the couch so it wont take up nearly enough room.

I am hoping that we can try to keep the room a lot neater. we are all messy people so it probably wont change much. but we can try.

edit: The room turned out nothing like we had planned but we all agree its so much better than the way we had planned.

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