Wednesday, January 21, 2009

sore wrists and ant bites

Im in a good state tonight. I went to get the washing off the line tonight and I must have been standing in the way of ants. i got bit all up my legs. Also tonight I started up my Love blanket in crochet. When I crochet I get a sore wrist. How can I stop this?

I got a couple of my Etsy purchases tonight. Unfortunately neither of the things were for me, they are gifts for friends. After they get the gift I will let you know what they are. Another of the gifts I bought that I was hoping to get tonight but they hadnt sent me the details of how to pay for the item yet and I need it to take with me to Sydney on Friday. I asked if I could get it send straight to my friend. I havent heard anything from them yet.

My Love blanket is crocheted with a bamboo hook of 10mm. I have used a whole heap of different yarns that I bought at Spotlight. The stitch I am using is a half double crochet. I started at the centre and just spiraled my way out, putting a row of increases in as needed. I am hoping to make 2 of them, both big enough for 2 people to snuggle under. I have two people I know who are getting married seperately but on the same day. I am hoping to give one blanket to each couple. but the first one is a long way off. the other major project I am hoping to do is my baby blankets.There are going to be a few popping out over the next few months. I want to give them something handmade if I can.


  1. mm.. a love blanket.. the colors are gorgeous..

  2. Love the Love blanket! What a wonderfully sweet wedding present!